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Welcome To In Christ Fellowship Online.

Henry Webster

My name is Pastor Henry Wester. My wife Mandy and I have been pastoring churches in Queensland Australia for the past 10 years. Recently we were called 600 km away from our church in the Gold Coast to Gladstone Queensland.

For transparency we are fellowshipping at Port City Christian Church. We are not in leadership their because we have only arrived in the area less than a year ago. About 3 years ago God put it on my heart to start a purely online church using a webinar platform. This way people can fellowship with other believers from around the world.

The webinar Platform is Zoom

We use a webinar platform called Zoom, where you the congregation member can download the software/app and enter the webinar online and interact live with other believers.

The Pastor /Pastors can speak live with the people on the webinar.
You can attend anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection and a computer or mobile device.

It opens the Door as a witnessing tool. People will feel more comfortable going online going to a webinar than whey would actually walking into a physical church. This can help people hear the living transformational word of God, where they can have the opportunity to give their lives to Christ.

People from countries that persecute Christian believers can interact with each other in realive safety. Which reduced the fear of being attacked or killed.

…So whats the Difference Between Our Online Church and Other Online Chuches?

Most online churches are just live streaming the church service. You are unable to interact with other believers.
At ICF we do so much more.

Being online also opens the doors for people who can’t get to church for what ever reason, to be able to fellowship safely online in the privacy of their own homes.

We recognize that some people can not attend church due to distance, or because of fear of death. So this online church open the opportunity for people to fellowship with other believers online. Before and after the sermon.

Your safety and privacy is one of the most important things for us here at In Christ Fellowship Online. So very strict guidelines will be put in place for everyone’s safety. E.g No sharing of personal information to anyone online in the main public area. We have facilities for people to share privately. All this will be explained before every service.

By using a webinar platform you can log in at the appropriate time or watch it later after it is uploaded to the site. If you want to access the site to watch the videos or maybe enter when the church starts you can access it through the linkwe send you.

Every week we will send you reminders via email or through text or both. depending on what you choose to do.

My Prayer is that you are sincerely blessed and I hope to see you at church.

If you would like access to the church webinar then Please fill out the form below

Pastor Saboo John Mitchell will be holding Hindi services from 28th of April, at a time to be announced.

God has call us to become a truly international church and I believe my really good friend Pastor Saboo J Mitchell will begin to help fill this by starting Hindi services on the 28th of April 2019.

I am blessed to have known Pastor Saboo for about 7 years now. I trust his solid teaching and preaching. He is a true man of God.